This website, Not Not Communicating, represents a collaborative effort between myself and two semesters of students. As part of a class project, students used research articles on a wide range of communication issues, and reported their findings with the goal of conveying complex studies in a readable, straightforward manner.

My Work

I created and maintain the social media for the Brautigan Library. The Facebook Page puts information about the Library’s activities in the News Feed of its Facebook fans.

Brautigan Library Facebook Page

I run the Twitter account for the Brautigan Library, in cooperation with the fictional Librarian from Brautigan’s book The Abortion. The Librarian works at a quirky library that takes any unpublished manuscript, and in his Twitter account he dispatches his periodic activities maintaining the Library, reports about books in the collection, and replies to direct and public messages.


I also administrate the Facebook page Fun Things to do with a Baby in Portland, OR, which provides a forum for new parents (and grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, etc…) to share things to do in the Portland-Vancouver area.

Fun Things to do in Portland Oregon with a Baby

Student Work

As part of my classes, students have hands-on experiences in working with, thinking about, designing, and executing a variety of types of digital media.

For my Social Media class, students designed a new social media website.

The first of these, ThirdPlace,  improves on Facebook in its design and designation of different spaces within the site.

The second, Sketchpad, serves people with an interest in the arts, and who can use it to share art projects, as well as connect with others of similar interests. The students designed an entry page, a home page, a profile page, and a registration page, all seen below:

sketchpad entry page

A third exemplar from the Social Media class is a site that connects youth sports participants with each other.  SportzMatch provides parents a forum to learn about different sports leagues, coaches, level of play, and other issues pertinent to youth sports.

My Digital Diversity classes typically branch out into the surrounding community to , or they create a resource pertaining to diversity that can be utilized by anyone.

In the summer of 2012, the class created a website that examined the ownership of the media: http://dtc-wsuv.org/nbuckner/vantagenews/index.html

In the Fall of 2011, the class worked with the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools to create digital content for their website, as well as a working draft for a new website. One of the groups created three animated videos to promote the Foundation’s programs:


Finally, this project used panoramic pictures to convey the facilities furnished to Hough Elementary through the efforts of the Hough Foundation. Creating a web presence for a group of young school children requires a lot of care, especially given the privacy issues that must be respected. This group figured out a great way to use digital media to convey the facilities to the community and potential parents, as well as to demonstrate to supporters where their support was going.